Solar-powered ambulances serve rural clinics in Bangladesh

Two newly manufactured solar-powered ambulances have been delivered to community clinics in rural Bangladesh. Designed by a team from the Control & Applications Research Centre at BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with assistance from CARG SIGHT, the vehicles could be the first of a fleet that serves 13,000 clinics nationwide.

“These vehicles are powered by solar energy only, therefore making them totally environment friendly as well as independent from our already overloaded national grid. These vehicles are tested and modified numerous times according to the suggestions from IEEE SIGHT members as well as IDCOL expert panel for maximum feasibility in real life usage,” says Dr. AKM Abdul Malek Azad, a professor at BRAC University and member of CARG SIGHT.

These two ambulances demonstrate the technology. To propel the project out of demo and into mass production, the team has submitted a proposal to Bangladesh’s Sustainable And Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA).

“Implementation of this project will ensure better healthcare for poor people when they need the most, creating job opportunities, boosting the economy as well as motivate UN Sustainable Development Goal through global product development. Hope you got some idea about the project,” Dr. Azad says.

This is not the team’s first foray into solar vehicles for healthcare. Previously, Dr. Azad and CARG SIGHT were involved in the creation of a solar electric handcycle for wheelchair users in Bangladesh.