Sarawak SIGHT Group Implements “IoT in the Community”

As part of their work on IoT in the community, the IEEE Sarawak Subsection SIGHT Group recently hosted a workshop and competition known as the “IEEE IoT 4 Community Workshop and Challenge.” The team of volunteers holding the event consisted of Ir. Ts. Dr. Then Yi Lung, Dr. Mark Tee Kit Tsun, Dr. Tay Fei Siang, Ir. Dr. Chong Kok Hing, and Mr. Ong Chin Ann.

The Sarawak SIGHT Group was awarded an IEEE HAC/SIGHT Projects grant in October of 2021 for their proposal “IoT In The Community – Evolving Home Farming With The Internet.”  The purpose of this project is to raise public awareness and academic interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) by providing a combination of live demonstration and online workshops on how to easily build and use a simple monitoring system for home-scale vertical farming. The target audience of these sessions are secondary-level students and teachers, exposing them to practical hands-on application of affordable hardware and software, via online observation and discussion. However, this could be expanded to include interested university students, members of the public, and other IEEE Members.

See how the project team is implementing part of their project by reading the full article here.