The first-ever IEEE SIGHT Day will be held on 28 April 2020, the date the first SIGHT group petition was submitted in 2012. Activities are planned from 25 April – 2 May, so there will be multiple opportunities to take part.

IEEE SIGHT Day is designed to foster a spirit of community for the global SIGHT network, increase awareness of SIGHT within IEEE, promote the opportunity to support SIGHT financially, and celebrate the impact SIGHT volunteers and groups are making.


  • Due to the current global health situation and related complications caused by COVID-19, we strongly encourage our members to plan virtual activities and make good use of the professional education resources that both HAC & SIGHT have developed. Build your SIGHT group’s capacity through a workshop, webinar viewing, or online course! If you would like to host a virtual event but lack a platform to do so, please write to us at with your request. Here are some ideas for virtual events:
  • Workshop on lessons learned from a project
  • SIGHT webinar viewing
  • Complete a training together
  • Complete an HAC & SIGHT course from Sustainable Development curriculum on ILN
  • Introduction to HAC & SIGHT presentation
  • Virtual meetings with other SIGHT groups in your area to discuss experiences and best practices
  • SIGHT group meeting to plan roadmap of 2020 activities


  • Friday 24 April from 10:00am – 11:00am EDT. “Semiconductor Technology for Humanitarian Projects (in Spanish).” Presenter: Fernando Guarin, IEEE SIGHT Education Subcommittee Chair. Register:
  • Sunday 26 April from 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT. “Transforming Challenges into Innovations with IEEE HAC & SIGHT.” Panelists: Susan Kathy Land, David Koehler, Kartik Kulkarni, and Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan. Register:
  • Tuesday 28 April from 10:30am – 11:30am EDT. “Ask the Chair Session: Inaugural SIGHT Day – Celebrating the Spirit of SIGHT Volunteerism.” Presenter: Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, IEEE SIGHT Steering Committee Chair. Register:
  • Tuesday 28 April from 5:00pm – 6:00pm EDT. “IEEE SIGHT Webinar – Challenges and Stories of AI in Humanitarian Technology.” Presenters: Valentine Goddard and Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan. Register:

Participate in the IEEE SIGHT Day Trivia Challenge!

How much do you know about IEEE SIGHT? Test your knowledge of the SIGHT program with this trivia challenge! Those who answer all questions correctly will be recognized as a SIGHT Champion. (P.S. all answers to these questions can be found on

Share Your SIGHT Story

One of the ways to celebrate is by sending in a “Share your SIGHT Story” video. Send us a short video summarizing either your SIGHT volunteer journey or highliting what SIGHT resources you have been utilizing during the global COVID-19 pandemic (for exapmle, the HAC & SIGHT sustainable development courses on ILN, past SIGHT webinars, the special Call for Proposals project funding, etc.) You can also include a brief message of encouragement for IEEE & SIGHT volunteers.

All videos should be no longer than 30 seconds and recorded in good lighting with minimum background noise. Send in to along with your Facebook profile link (if you would like to be tagged when it is posted).

See the videos that have been shared so far on one of the SIGHT YouTube playlists!

Join the Discussion in the IEEE HAC Education Forum

One of the educational opportunities now available is the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) Education Forum – a dedicated, interactive space for IEEE members and staff to gather virtually and learn about topics related to humanitarian activities, sustainable development, and how technology and technically trained individuals can contribute.

The Forum is designed to accompany HAC and SIGHT’s free online educational curriculum which can be found on the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). This is an opportunity for those who take the online courses to discuss and explore the topics further with their peers and skilled IEEE volunteers.

Donate to IEEE SIGHT

Another way to celebrate SIGHT Day is by donating to IEEE SIGHT through the IEEE Foundation. With your support, SIGHT can better meet the growing interest among IEEE members to conduct projects that address challenges in underserved communities around the globe. Additionally, funds donated at this time can be used to provide crucial financial support to COVID-19 related projects being conducted all over the world by IEEE members. 


Be sure to follow SIGHT on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on daily activities and opportunities to celebrate. Contribute to our online community celebration by posting with the hashtag #SIGHTDay2020.

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