IEEE Bombay SIGHT VIDUSHI – Computer Literacy Programme

“The IEEE Bombay SIGHT VIDUSHI – Computer Literacy Programme” is organized in Sahyadri Valley College of Engineering & Technology, Rajuri during may 2016 for two months. The Computer Literacy Programme is for making the women in rural area aware about computer techniques.

This VIDUSHI project is the ongoing project of SIGHT, IEEE Bombay section. During this project more than 200 tribal and rural women benefited. The target area of project is Rural and Tribal belt of Maharashtra and ninety nine percent people of these areas are dependent on the Agriculture for their survival. Since for their day to day survival depends on the agriculture so they do not prefer to go for any kind of training during the working hour. They are not only unaware with the computer education but also about the primary and secondary education. The target people for this project were the people above the 25 age group. The reason to choose this age group was that they are not allowed to move out from the particular areas due to lots of household responsibilities.

This was a free Programme and was  a series of computer short courses organised with priorities given to women who are educated but unaware of computer knowledge. These courses were offered on a voluntary basis and did not carry any credit. It keeps abreast with technology changes. It helped the trainee to have the ability to use computer programs in an effective manner in various fields like banking, transportation, hospitals, defence, etc. It created an opportunity for women to have a better chance of being successful in a workplace since they became able to navigate computers and use common or specialized computer programs.