HUMANS OF IEEE SIGHT: Nirupama Prakash Kumar

Nirupama Prakash Kumar is currently serving as the 2019 IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC) Projects Chair. Outside of IEEE, Nirupama Prakash Kumar works as a Sr. Product Manager at Microgrids. She has shared her thoughts and experience with SIGHT in an interview with the SIGHT Communications Chair, Celia Shahnaz.


  1. What inspired you to join IEEE SIGHT? Was it a suggestion from a friend or any inspiration from a professor? When did you first join?

I was part of the first SIGHT steering committee under Karthik Kulkarni, and stayed on the committee for about 4 years. During that time I loved starting SIGHT groups and talking about SIGHT and have continued ever since.

  1. What motivated you to volunteer for IEEE SIGHT? Could you also please talk about about how being an IEEE SIGHT member supplements your professional development?

Doing good with my technical knowledge is what motivated me and continues to motivate me to work with IEEE SIGHT. My current professional role is of a microgrid product manager, and I get to apply that knowledge with SIGHT projects trying to get electricity to the people in need of it desperately.

  1. What would your life have been like if you had not joined IEEE SIGHT?

I don’t think life would have the purpose that it has without SIGHT. I would still be searching for a meaning or found it elsewhere.

  1. What has been a memorable IEEE SIGHT moment of which you are proud?

Conducting the SIGHT workshop at GHTC 2014, and starting two SIGHT groups.

  1. What is one thing IEEE SIGHT should consider doing?

Provide more educative material in the field of development.

  1. What suggestions do you have for Women in Engineering (WIE) considering involvement with SIGHT? 

Women and children around the world have special developmental needs only other women can better understand. We have to be more than just engineers and become women first and help be the voice and solution for these issues.

  1. Are there any suggestions or message you would like to give to IEEE SIGHT relating to collaboration with IEEE’s technical societies?

I think that is always an excellent idea!

  1. What is one last thought you would like to leave with our SIGHT members?

I think the journey of going from realizing I am first a woman then an engineer when it comes to the developmental space was an important and transformative time for me. I think that helped me realize where the true passion to do this came from. SIGHT, IEEE Smart Village and HAC have helped me find that passion in life, and continue to help provide avenues for that passion. I remain truly grateful!