SIGHT Paraguay Helps Improve Farming in the Mbokaja’i Community

By José Benítez
SIGHT Paraguay Group Organizer

On June 9 we held an important meeting with IEEE SIGHT Paraguay volunteers and the Natán Foundation that helps to empower indigenous communities.

Daniel Aquino, leader of the project “A liter of light Paraguay”, also took part and showed us his progress in partnership with SIGHT Paraguay. These partnerships allow us to generate a greater impact and more social change with technology.

On June 11 the SIGHT Paraguay team went to the Mbokaja’i Community in the Department of Caaguazu, Paraguay, where the indigenous community Mbya Guarani lives. It was four hours of travel, and despite the fatigue it was worth it because we were received with a ritual of gratitude. SIGHT Paraguay’s multidisciplinary team included engineering students in fields such as electronics, electrical, environmental, agronomy and others. The volunteers helped improve the projects that the Natán Foundation has underway. It was a unique experience for our volunteers who turned their knowledge to improve empowerment in those communities.

With our help, the community is beginning to be self-sufficient in food production so that children and adults do not suffer from malnutrition. The work turns on the implementation of technologies that promote good farming practices and solar-powered water pumping systems.

SIGHT Paraguay continues its work to improve the quality of life of people thanks to their volunteers who are predisposed to make this world a better place.