New SIGHT group conducts Outreach Program at Girls Middle School, Begumpura

The outreach program at the Girls Middle School, Begumpura, Pakistan was an initiative taken by the University of Engineering & Tech (UET) SIGHT (a student branch group) SIGHT as their first project after its formation. The key objective of the project was to engage maximum number of students in different science activities and instill motivation and innovation in the young minds through friendly interactions with the team members.

The project continued for 5 weeks with two visits per week and total of 8 volunteers of IEEE UET student branch along with 8 SIGHT members presented their services to accomplish this task. Around 70 students, from class 6th and 7th combined, were participated in the program. Lectures were mainly given in science, with the main topics like Plant Life Cycle, Organ System, Electricity, Water Cycle, Chemical Changes, Sound Waves Production and Propagation, and Wonders in Space. Each visit included a video on the specified topic followed by related activities.

At the end of the program, teachers participated in a feedback session so the team could get their views on the project – they were really impressed with the team’s work! The teachers were happy to incorporate activity-based learning so every student participates equally in learning process. They thought that the program helped increase the students’ confidence through the chance to interact with outsiders. And, the students were notably interested! They came ready and excited to learn something new.

The teachers wanted to continue the project and add other courses like math and geography as well. Further they suggested that the team incorporate more English in every session to help the students improve their English at the same time that they learn a scientific topic.