All IEEE Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge

All IEEE Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge (AIYEHUM), organized by the IEEE Region 10 (Asia-Pacific), is a project competition where young scientists and engineers identify a community problem, develop technological solutions to address them and eventually implement it with the support provided by the IEEE R10. The principal objective of AIYEHUM is to inspire young professionals/engineers to become socially responsible and be engaged in developing technological solutions which are cost effective and sustainable; improve living conditions and livelihood of people thus making a difference in peoples’ lives. In 2017, AIYEHUM had about 409 submissions for the project grant out of which, 9 projects were shortlisted by judges.

The Shortlisted projects are follows from diversified sections of IEEE Region 10:

I-cane: An intelligent white cane—IEEE Kerala Section
Solar Power for the Indigenous People of Malaysia— IEEE Malaysia Section
Guaranteeing coverage and connectivity tolerance in different architectures of wireless sensor networks for disaster monitoring— IEEE Vietnam Section
Pure Bikes—- IEEE Delhi Section
Agriculture Productivity improvement Using IoT— IEEE Madras Section
Devising of a health care tool that aids the routine needs of the physically impaired—- IEEE Madras Section
Energy Saving through IoT based building automation for Rural Areas/Remote Areas—– IEEE Madras Section
FoodAlytics – An Android Application Based Formalin Detection System for Food Items—– IEEE Bangladesh Section
Low-cost Smart Electric Wheelchair with Destination Mapping and Intelligent Control Features— IEEE Bangladesh Section

The short-listed project teams will be given a grant of up to USD 500 for prototype development and completion of the project. Congratulations to the winners of AIYEHUM 2017