IEEE SIGHT Workshop at GHTC 2017

Tim Lee, Char of IEEE SIGHT, led a workshop during the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference on October 22, 2017.


Sarang Shaikh, Karachi Section SIGHT, Pakistan
Samar Baba, Tunisia Section SIGHT, Tunisia
Daniel Lottis, Santa Clara Valley Section SIGHT, California, USA
Anis Ben Arfi, Southern Alberta Section SIGHT, Alberta, Canada

Representatives from Karachi Section SIGHT, Tunisia Section SIGHT, Santa Clara Valley Section SIGHT and Southern Alberta Section SIGHT presented and shared their activities to engage the local communities in their respective SIGHT sections.

Other participants included Celia Shahnaz, 2017 communications subcommittee Chair ,Vineeth Vijayaraghavan, 2017 Communities of practice Subcommittee co-Chair and Jackie Holliday, IEEE SIGHT staff lead.

Reported by Celia Shahnaz, Ph.D, 2017 Communications Chair, IEEE SIGHT Steering Committee