This year, the SIGHT Steering Committee (SSC) is piloting two program awards in order to recognize individual SIGHT volunteers and SIGHT groups for their leadership and contributions centered around SIGHT activities.

2019 IEEE SIGHT Volunteer of the Year Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize a professional or student member of IEEE who has made an outstanding contribution to IEEE SIGHT and a local underserved community by leveraging technology to accomplish a sustainable solution. This individual has made a long­-term positive impact in the partner community and her or his SIGHT group, exhibiting constant dedication and commitment to furthering the IEEE SIGHT mission. 

Please carefully review the Award Criteria before completing the nomination form:

  • Active IEEE member
  • Two or more years of being an individual SIGHT member
  • Active participant in a SIGHT group or on a SIGHT Subcommittee for at least one full year

Self-nomination is allowed. Two letters of endorsement are required.

Candidates will be evaluated based on their IEEE SIGHT volunteer participation and local community involvement, not on professional achievement.

Please fill out the the Volunteer of the Year Award Nomination Form, before the application deadline of 4 November.

2019 IEEE SIGHT Group of the Year Award


This award will recognize an IEEE SIGHT Group committed to impacting their local underserved community through the development or deployment of technology. The group selected has contributed to the SIGHT program by strengthening the SIGHT network, finding sustainable (economic, environmental, social) solutions, involving the beneficiary population in the planning and implementation of a project, and completing all reporting and assessment requirements. They consistently, actively strive to further the IEEE SIGHT mission. 


  • Both Student and Professional Groups will be considered
  • Submitted the annual SIGHT group report (survey)
  • Implemented a funded SIGHT group project in the last two years (2018 – 2019)
  • Submitted a funded project report for their project
  • Composed of at least 6 active IEEE members
  • SIGHT Group Chair must be an active IEEE member
  • Conducted at least one meeting a month with their SIGHT group
  • Group founded more than one year ago (groups formed in 2019 will not be considered)

The recipient of the SIGHT Group of the Year Award will be selected based upon the information provided in the annual survey, completed by SIGHT Group Chairs.

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